When did you want to change the world? 

At some point in your life you were drawn to the field of law to improve your life or make an impact on others.  Then life happened and somewhere along the way, your job took over and potentially the work became mundane.  You got stuck.

Career advancement in the legal field requires something more than just being good at practicing law.  In many cases, average lawyers may be higher placed in the firm based on their impact to the overall success of the firm – or the ability to bring in new clients, also known as Rainmaking.

Rainmaking as a Skill Set

This is a skillset that is not a natural attribute of the introverts who are attracted to the legal profession.  Yet when mastered, often through trial and error, it creates an upward trajectory on a career path and earning potential that cannot be overlooked.  I am here to help you learn what Rainmaking can be for you in managing your client base and increasing your earning potential.

Over the coming months we will be talking about what sales should look like – the opportunity to solve problems, build relationships and open doors of opportunity.  We will also discuss what it is not and should never be – manipulative, pushy or in any way shape or form, skeezy (technical term introduced by one attorney I coached)

This will be an upward path that requires 100% effort from you – It demands you be more and do more for your clients, which then entitles you to more opportunity with their relationship and access to their Center of Influence.  We will be talking about this more in the coming weeks.

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We will always share a different perspective and give you another approach that could be just right for you. 

In the meanwhile, remember to get what you want, you must help others get what they want!

I wish you Good Selling!

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Guest Blogger: Breandan Filbert has the ability to sift through the product or service ‘noise’ and get to the real basis of relationship building- the people. She partners with her clients to create long-standing highly productive relationships with their clients and referral partners.   She has worked with attorneys and other professional service providers to increase their book of business and attain ‘Top Rainmaker’ status within their firms. She is the founder and managing partner of SalezWorks in Kansas City.