We free up Executives to focus and lead by matching them with talented EAs.

We are a trusted recruiter for Executives, Employers and Organizations in the Midwest and around the United States with a 98% retention rate. Whether you are looking for your first Executive Assistant, an EA Manager or Chief of Staff, we take our clients through our Search Process and produce the Results and Experience they were looking for.

Our Values drive our Search Process and Relationship with our Clients. We like to grow old with our clients and thus prefer long-term Value-Oriented relationships rather than simply one-off transactions. Because of our Resources, our Network and our constant desire to Connect Great People, we find we benefit the Client beyond a single search.

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“Referring only quality candidates…”

“Chris and Deni went above expectations and provided clear communication throughout the entire process while referring only quality candidates to us. They took the time to understand our needs which allowed us to have the most efficient and effective recruiting strategy possible.”

Jordan Arndt
Human Resources Manager

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