March 8, 2012 2:06 PM

The Careerist: What They Really Think of You!

Posted by Vivia Chen

Do you have any idea of how your underlings really feel about you? Do they like you? Fear you? Trust you? Loathe you?

Maybe you don’t care about these kinds of touchy-feely questions. But you probably assume (or hope) that they at least respect you. I mean, you are the boss, right?

According to a new study by talent management firm Development Dimensions International, a strikingly high percentage of employees do not have a very high opinion of their bosses—as professionals or human beings. Here’s what DDI finds:

1. Employees think the boss is really smart—not! One in three employees have no confidence in their bosses’ skills—that is, they don’t believe their boss is “a skilled leader worthy of respect and loyalty.”

2. “I could do my boss’s job—and better.” Almost 50 percent of employees think they could do a better job than their bosses—and  significantly more men (53 percent) than women (34 percent) thought so.

3. The boss destroys employees’ self-esteem. A whopping 60 percent say their boss sometimes damages their self-esteem.

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