Companies and law firms are driven by either two factors: Money or Values. 

Their decisions, their motivations, their hiring and firing. Their promotions, their governance & hierarchy, their expansion and future, their relationships, etc. You get the point.

You will create a lasting fruitful relationship with your legal recruiter if you relate together on shared values rather than simply money and terms.

A legal recruiter employer relationship only motivated by money will provide short-term results. It will be shallow. A bigger or more immediate pay-off will pull the recruiter’s attention from your talent requirement. Then the recruiter may be motivated to poach from your employer when the contract ends. Where’s the love? Well, it was based on money.

What’s creates loyalty? 

What causes a legal recruiter to protect your vision, your attorneys and accomplish your goals? 

Shared values do.

These values should not be lip service but displayed in your organization and required for hiring star talent. Shared values over time create relational glue (called loyalty), trust and explosive synergies because a legal recruiter who sows focused time in your interests will reap more than simply placed candidates. It will reap true synergy, an acceleration of employer goals and recruiter value.

Let’s talk about values. 

They are the framework for what defines your organization’s culture and the emphasis on how you plan to achieve your mission/vision.

Your values help steer the ship. They are what you keep in front of your team. They determine if you are off course.

  • Your values are your competitive advantage beyond skills. 
  • Your values differentiate your team and organization from your competitors.
  • Your values pull the right talent and clients to your organization and push the others away.
  • Your values causes money to bow the knee.

If your organization is driven by money only, you will have little or low loyalty from your clients, your existing attorney team and future relationships. And then decisions will solely be made on the bottom line.

If values are your foundation, you get to decide who will be your clients and future legal team.

At the Lion Group, defining our values has taken time but well worth the effort. 

And here’s a short list of our values. 

  • Authenticity
  • Innovation
  • Relationship
  • Excellence
  • Generosity

Click here to learn more about our Values and what sets us apart from other legal recruiters.

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