Vision | Mission | Values


To become a premier legal recruiting agency in the US.


We are Catalytic Force in the Legal Industry. We Accelerate our Client’s Goals. We Identify, Recruit and Connect Top Legal Talent. We create Market Opportunities.

We – Find the Lions®


We are committed to the four core values below that steer our decision making and safeguard our culture.

We are Connectors

Although it is a Game, We take it Seriously. We are Catalysts. We Connect the Dots. We believe in Synergy.

We Innovate

We exercise Disciplined Creativity. We Challenge the Status Quo. We believe in Value.

We are Hungry

We do not Settle. We are Diligent and Persistent. We Constantly Grow. We believe Fortune favors the Bold.

We Care

We care about the Individual. We care about Excellence. We take Ownership. We are Generous. We believe in Honor.

We Believe in the Third River