Biggest Hurdle our Law Firm Clients Must Overcome


Knowing What You Want

I am contacted by law firms across the United States wanting to my assistance. When we get on the phone, they ask me when can we get started. My first question for law firm clients is: What Do You Want?

Your “Want” is the rudder to your ship.

I can make suggestions about usually two directions 1) Acquire the right partner or practice to accomplish your goals or 2) We can approach acquiring firms to achieve your goals as well.

Grow or Join forces.

These two approaches have entirely different processes.
They have also have pluses and minuses to both approaches and goals. There’s risks and rewards.
But the question ultimately goes back to what do you want.
At the Lion Group, we achieve success when our clients provide us a clear want, clear decision making power and stamina to see it through.
Our next couple of posts will address the question of to Grow or Join forces.

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