This being inauguration week, it’s a good time to talk about the kinds of moves we’d like to see President Obama make in his second term related to energy policy.  Not being a fan of central planning, this wish list will not include a call for some omnibus 2000 page bill that no one will ever read addressing all aspects of the nation’s energy suite.  As a general rule, the federal government’s main aptitude when it comes to energy policy amounts to causing confusion, cost increases to consumers, delays, and just generally messing things up.
But there are some actions the President and his administration could take in a second term that would make us less dependent on imported oil from hostile nations, increase efficiency, increase the economic activity generated by the oil and natural gas industry, and do it all without harming the environment.  Perhaps most important, none of the actions discussed below would require agreement between the President and leaders in Congress, something that seems to be a near-impossible task these days.

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