This site is impressive for any law student considering big law.
You will find quotables from associates within specific big law firms. They address everything from an associate perspective such as culture, the work, compensation/hours, diversity, and firm history. An informative compliment to the parent publication Chambers and Partners.
What they say:
“We’re a careers guide published by leading legal publisher Chambers and Partners to help US law students choose the right firm for them. We provide in-depth, independent research and a nuanced portrayal of firms to determine what it would be like to work there as a junior associate.
Firms present us with a comprehensive list of their second and third-year associates (aka ‘juniors’ or ‘associates’), of whom we telephone interview an anonymous, representative sample balancing location, practice area, gender and ethnicity. Having a full list of associates to choose from ensures research objectivity and creates an even footing among participating firms.”
Link to the site: