March 22, 2012 6:07 PM

The Careerist: Smart Enough To Be Dumb

Posted by Vivia Chen

So you just got into law school. Congrats. That should get your parents off your back for the summer.

But before you send in your deposit, repeat after me: Caveat emptor. You probably know what it means: “Buyer beware.” You’ll hear that term a lot in contracts class. But I’d get a head start on absorbing the meaning now.

Because if you go to law school (especially a low-ranking one, which, in this market, means most schools not in the top 20 list of US. World News Report), incur a fat student debt, and then find yourself with few viable job options at graduation, you won’t have anyone to blame but yourself. I’ve shouted that warning before.

Now I have another reason to sound the alarm: A judge just threw out the lawsuit filed by graduates of New York Law School who claimed they were misled to attend the school by its allegedly inflated jobs data. Reports Karen Sloan of The National Law Journal about New York supreme court judge Melvin Schweitzer’s March 21 ruling:

“The court does not view these postgraduate employment statistics to be misleading in a material way for a reasonable consumer acting reasonably,” he wrote. “By anyone’s definition, reasonable consumers—college graduates—seriously considering law school are a sophisticated subset of education consumers . . .

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