Working Through a Law Partner Lateral Move


The time commitment for a lateral move varies from firm to firm, but generally, this process can take 3 months, sometimes 12 months, and 30 days is the exception.

Here are the steps:


Recruiter Prospect And Partner Permission

In this industry a recruiter typically approaches a partner candidate with firm options and opportunities. The partner assesses and chooses who to talk to and grants the chosen recruiter permission to release agreed and understood information. It is most advantageous to approach at least 3 firms when starting out. Partner candidates may lean toward one firm at a time, but this can prolong the Lateral Move Process and hinder their ability to gauge the market and compare offers. Bottom line: This process requires a time commitment, so it’s best to make the most of it in the shortest amount of time. The type of information initially released is as follows but is not necessarily required or exhaustive:


  • Portable book of business (Anticipated future business generation from current clients)
  • Bill Rate (Both stated and actual)
  • Working production hours (Hours billed whether your clients and other law partner clients)
  • Current compensation structure
  • Desired platform characteristics

Initial Contact With The Prospect Firm(s)

Firm Brings Partner Candidate To Meet Strategic Partners In The Firm

Firm Has Candidate Complete Lateral Partner Questionnaire (LPQ)

Candidate Meets Executive Leadership

Offer Given, Candidate Accepts The Offer And Puts Notice With The Former Law Firm

Candidate Starts At The New Law Firm

Editor’s Note: Lateral Moves: A Guide for Partners & Law Firms by Chris Batz

This is a simple overview of the lateral move process. We look more in-depth on the process in our Lateral Moves Guide.

At The Lion Group, we will walk the partner candidate through the law partner lateral move process with confidentiality and excellence. Guiding the partner through what to expect, we give our candidates peace of mind.

Let us assist you in the lateral process and we will have you on your way to the next step of your career.


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