You are not Visible to most of your LinkedIn Network 

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Let me describe to you how most of your LinkedIn experiences are.

It’s like going to a happy hour networking event. 

You walk into the bar or restaurant. You are dressed to kill. You have your business cards. Your pitch is down. You may even have a goal that night. You smile at the hostess and she guides you to the back of their establishment. You pass by the happening scene and somehow get shown the utility closet with the carpet sweepers and paper supplies. The hostess smiles and guides you into the closet, closes the door and you hear a “Click”.

You stand there for a second. You then notice the door is now locked.

You knock on the door, you may talk or even yell. You are in the building but no one can see you or hear you.

This is for most of LinkedIn users how they experience visibility. In truth, they don’t. 

I am about to share the most critical 4 steps to Exploding your Visibility on LinkedIn. Its not rocket science. They build on each other and combined in use causes you to be a LinkedIn Rockstar.

Here are 4 Steps to LinkedIn Visibility:

Optimize your LinkedIn Profile with Key Words 

The goal here is to get on the first page of search results. Yes, LinkedIn has search results just like Google. Yes, its possible. No, its not rocket science. Yes, you can do it yourself. The goal is first page search results, top of the page.

Right now you are most likely not in the first 5 or 10 pages. 

(Click here to learn how to do step #1 “Optimize Your profile)

Explode your LinkedIn connections 

Don’t be a connection snob. LinkedIn should not be your Facebook. LinkedIn is for business networking, achieving business goals and not keeping up with the Jones.  The larger your network, the higher the likelihood you will be getting in front of more of your targeted audience on the first page of search results.

Most people are under 500 connections. You should aim to increase your connections by 1,000s and not hundreds.

Leverage LinkedIn Groups 

LinkedIn groups was my big ah-ha moment. Joining groups add to your LinkedIn network under searching and connection visibility. Posting to groups can blow up your LinkedIn profile traffic. But be careful, LinkedIn groups are the Wild West. You need to be cautious.

Any LinkedIn user can join up to 50 groups. The strategy of choosing which ones and what you do makes all difference.

Your weekly plan and posting content

Does doing this LinkedIn thing sound daunting? Its really not. My recommendation for all customers is to spend only 60 minutes per week total. That’s 20 minutes one day and then 10 minutes for 4 other business days. To add the final level to LinkedIn visibility, you should be posting content to your personal profile regularly. You can schedule this a week or month in advance or as you go through out your day.

All of these steps create what I call “The Bill Board Effect”. It tells all your connections, “Hi. I am a knowledge expert. And for some reason I keep coming on your radar. We should talk.”

There are plenty of additional steps, suggestions and tricks for this 4 Step Process but here’s the basic outline.

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