Job boards still work for sourcing great attorneys candidates.

New job boards spring up every couple of months. 
I have done the heavy lifting and picked my top choices.
The two that I encourage employers to use are: and
They are legit and simple.
I am a big fan of keep it simple. I am the king of over complicating everything.
Other job boards I suggest are:

  • LinkedIn,
  • Above the Law,
  • Alumni sites, etc.

Again, this will give you a real influx of candidates.

Sift out the weeds.
Post and repeat. screenshot

Best Practices for Posting Open Positions on Job Boards

1) Create a to the point descriptive position title.
The more to the point and simple the better the candidate pool you will get.
2) Make the job description simple and to the point also.
Your goal is two fold: Getting the right candidates and driving traffic to your website.
Avoid lengthy paragraphs and long descriptions. Instead insert a couple sentences and bullet points.
Then drive the interested traffic to click your website link to a more detailed job description.
3) Set your company/ law firm apart.
Consider adding language to both the title and description that get the attention of candidates.
You are not the only employer needing top talent.


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