Using Databases to Source Attorney Candidates

I find many employers in the same place as me a couple years ago. Afraid to e-mail their list, their database.
But when you truly build a list, a following, a tribe and your database… it really pays off and saves five to six figures in recruiting fees.
In the previous posts, I have described how employers can source attorneys candidates via Twitter, LinkedIn Groups and through Job Boards.
My last suggestion is via letting your database know you are looking…
“What database?” you may say as you take a big gulp. 
Whatever database (auto-responder) you use to collect e-mails on your website and/or
your attorneys use to track sales. 

As a marketer, getting the word out is the goal. And how you do it is key. 

I have shared about getting the word out via Twitter and LinkedIn. 
Now I am also suggesting that you e-mail people who are interested in staying 
informed about notable news on your organization, open positions, year-end highlights, etc. 

Why would you do this? 

For the same reason, I suggest you post to Twitter and LinkedIn. It gives you visibility and 
allows people to forward the new open positions to people who may be interested. The recipients 
also may share the information on their social media platforms if shown how in the e-mail (simple to do).  
You see social media and e-mail marketing solicits the help of others to get the word out. 
The people you would possibly e-mail are your tribe. Your tribe would be your clients, your attorneys and staff, prospect hires and simply people who are interested/fascinated by you. 

If you are interested on building your own tribe, consider reading Seth Godin’s book called Tribes 


So what am I suggesting? I am suggesting that you use an auto-responder and build a database.


3 Simple Ways to Collect E-mails and Keep your Tribe informed 

1) Use an Auto-responder on your website 

Depending on the size of your organization, auto-responders come in all sizes and shapes. 
From Mail Chimp to enterprise versions and custom builds. 
I prefer to use InfusionSoft. In my opinion, its by far the best solution for small businesses. 
The auto-responder will generate a simple website code for you to create a web form to capture e-mails (and more if you want). 
You can do this even simply for your job posting pages or websites. 
Let all those who come to your job listing page that if they would like to stay informed of additional postings to please submit their name and e-mail. 

2) Use a tool like 

Zapier connects web applications together.  
You can use Zapier to connect your Social Media connections with your database thus gathering 
information like names, e-mails, etc.  

3) Exchange useful information for an e-mail 

This happens all the time. The website or social media platform says “Hey, give us your e-mail and we’ll
give you this super useful report”. 
Its legit. 
Consider what kind of useful information you can create to give away for free in exchange for the recipient’s contact information. And by useful I mean something that you would charge money for (nominal or not) and/or would help accomplish the goal(s) of the audience you are in front of. 


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