How to Source Lawyers Using LinkedIn

Along with Twitter, LinkedIn is another killer environment to attract quality candidates & attorneys. 

And one massive way to do that is through their Groups. 

Fact: Any person using LinkedIn can join 50 groups whether they pay or not. 

Not using LinkedIn Groups yet? Click here on How to join LinkedIn Groups & Best Practices

LinkedIn Groups are the Wild West.

Every group has rules so be mindful of them. Groups are not governed by LinkedIn.

The group owner dictates the rules. If you violate them and found out or the group owner

simply does not like you, he/she can ban you for life. You cannot contest this and LinkedIn

management cannot override it.

How to Effectively Post in LinkedIn Groups

Be cautious to post no more than 1-2x per week when there is low discussion

weekly volume; meaning 3-5 discussions a week. If there’s 20-25 per week,

I find it okay to post 2x a week.

How do I know this? I in my ambitious ways was kicked out of several groups 

via posting and driving traffic to my profile. My loss equals your gain. 

When posting in groups, look for the option to post a job. 

Be sure to post a catchy headline and put just enough information to

get people to click the link to go to your site. In the description of the post

do not put the whole job description but rather 1-2 job descriptive sentences

that will cause people to want to click the link that follows to your site and job


Other Benefits to Posting in LinkedIn Groups

Now simply posting in LinkedIn Groups will also generate connection 

requests and profile views (aka traffic). This means you are branding yourself and

your company.  You can also invite people to “Follow” your employer/company page, which is free.

Don’t have a LinkedIn Company page yet? Click here to learn how to set one up for free.

The 2 points of leverage for posting in LinkedIn groups:

1) It’s free! 

2) Visibility

Group members review these posts via the web and they receive an e-mail (those who elect to) 

with the posts of the day or week. 

And people read these…! 

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