Importance of Ethics, Legal Recruiting and Accountability

There are always a few bad apples in the bunch. 

The legal recruiting industry does not have a regulatory agency

like many others. 

Some of us choose to join an association to abide by a Code.

This allows us to communicate to our clients and candidates 

we will not tolerate lesser behavior and we are held accountable

to other recruiters. 

If you wish to see the National Association Legal Search Consultant’s Code

of Ethics please feel free to click here

Here’s a Summary of the NALSC Code of Ethics

1) Being honest about candidate information 

This sounds like a no brainer like all the rest, but some recruiters

to tend to keep selective facts from the employer. 

Partial truths do not win in the end. 

2) Confidentiality with clients 

A recruiter is usually invited into intimate knowledge of an employer. 

The recruiter should be savvy enough to disclose the right information in the moment. 

3) Poaching candidates from existing clients 

The Code mentioned only from certain offices of clients. Some recruiters like us

take that a step further to include the entire company. 

4) Poaching placed candidates 

Recruiters who are paid to place a candidate should not double dip

with placing that same candidate some where else. 

5) Candidate’s permission 

When working with candidates and their documents, empowering the candidate 

and getting permission is a critical component to a recruiter success. 

6) Fighting over candidates  

Unfortunately this tends to happen with some recruiters and recruitment companies. 

We encourage employers to have a submission policy in the search agreement

so its signed on before the recruiter and candidate progress in a search. 

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