Twitter is a killer marketplace to source great attorneys. 

Don’t write it off. It’s very alive, active and still growing. 

3 Steps to Sourcing Attorneys on Twitter 

1) Use Twitter HashTags to target attorneys

Hashtags are a searchable tool inserted in a tweet/post.

Using hashtags gives you greater visibility to the legal community on Twitter. 

Unconvinced? Simply search #LawJobs on Twitter and see how often people are

using it when posting jobs. I recommend in a tweet including #LegalJobs #LawJobs.

You can also include #City to get on local radars. 

People also sometimes include general tags #Attorney #Lawyer which would give you

greater visibility and the likelihood of Retweeting/ spreading the word to others. 

         #LegalJobs #LawJobs #lawyerjobs #NewYork #Chicago #LA #DC #Attorney #Lawyer 

2) Writing the Tweet 

Since you only have 140 character limit, it can be an art in drafting the right tweet. 

Here are two examples you can use: 

Looking to hire 3rd Yr Corp Assoc w/ Public M&A Exp & #NY bar 

#LegalJobs #LawJobs #lawyers #attorney (Still has 16 characters left) 

Hiring Corporate Counsel to join an exciting legal team of 50 competitive pay benefits #legaljobs #lawjobs (13 characters left) 

Remember to include a shortened URL to your open position on your website so you can capture the candidate’s information. Also leave some additional character space so people can retweet with some comments or someone’s twitter account name. Both will allow for greater visibility and interest to your post.

3) When should you post the tweet and how often? 

I would post at the following times 8am/10am/12pm/5pm/7pm EST to get in front of your attorneys. 

I wouldn’t post the tweet 4x a day but you can schedule the tweet with Hootsuite (for free) to post once a day at varying times of the day 1x a day.

Bonus: Then if you want to grow your followers,  I would pepper other useful content for readers in those other times. As a rule of thumb I schedule 3 posts a day to create on going interest and possible conversation. 

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