Questions for Law Firms

I have created questions on various topics for law firms to consider on law partner moves and departures.

Lateral Partner Recruitment Process

Do you know what defines a successful lateral partner inside your firm? Do you have examples?
Do you have management, partners and staff appointed to oversee and carry out the necessary vetting and due diligence of potential lateral partners?
Do you have policies and procedures for how a prospective law partner should be managed from introduction through the due diligence and lateral vetting process unto offer and integration?
Do you have an internally approved lateral partner questionnaire (LPQ)?
Do you have an onboarding and integration process for new lateral partners to insure their success and your investment?
Do you understand the economics of partner recruiting and the effect on your cash flow both short-term and long-term?
Has your firm approached legal counsel on partners who join your law firm?
Does your firm know how they will respond to lateral partners who bring clients from a bankrupt law firm?
Do you internally incentivize members of your firm to proactively recruit talent?
Editor’s Note: Lateral Moves: A Guide for Partners & Law Firms by Chris Batz

Working With Legal Recruiters

Do you speak regularly with legal recruiters for associate or partner level recruiting and get marketplace intelligence?
Do you have knowledge of how recruiting agreements are structured and do you have your own?
Do you have someone appointed to interface primarily with the legal recruiter?
Do you require the legal recruiter to adhere to a code of ethics such as

Partner Departures And Risk Management

Do you have a safe culture, honoring the client’s right to choose counsel and the attorney’s right to choose law firms?
Do you have a 360 degree plan for communicating expected behavior for attorneys who consider leaving?
Does your partnership agreement have clauses that put your attorneys in difficult positions when they leave your firm?
Does your firm have a history of being contentious with partners departing?
Has your firm filed claims against an attorney who has left and was the outcome favorable?
Has your firm sought legal counsel on partners who depart?

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