Leveraging LinkedIn to Advance Your Career

A Three-Part Career Development Series

SESSION 1 Ever Wanted to Know Exactly How You Should Setup Your LinkedIn Profile with the Right Content?

Chris will share with you the principles and format that best showcase your experience.  His content can be applied to any in-house attorney.  Don’t wait till you are looking for the next opportunity. Take the time now. It will pay dividends.

SESSION 2 What if You are Not Visible on LinkedIn?

Sure, maybe some folks on LinkedIn occasionally see you but are they the right people?  Would you mind getting inquiries to open positions by employers or recruiters and staying informed with who is looking and what is market value? Learn the LinkedIn Algorithm and the 4 Steps to LinkedIn Visibility. Learn how LinkedIn can work for you while you sleep and enjoy life.

SESSION 3 After Attending Sessions 1 & 2, and Taking a Stab at Your LinkedIn profile…

Would you like Chris to walk you through your profile live? Or maybe would you like to hear Chris’ advice live for your colleagues who want to take their LinkedIn profile to the next level? Chris will apply his best practices of LinkedIn Profile Principles and Format to those interested.


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Thanks for your LinkedIn presentations to ACC Chicago! I’ve gotten some great tips from the first two sessions and am looking forward to Friday. As a member of the ACC Chicago Board of Directors, I really appreciate you providing this program series to our members.

Very much appreciate the insight. Too many recruiters say “work on your LinkedIn profile” without any explanation of what is expected.

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent series on LinkedIn for the ACC Chicago Chapter. It was a great presentation with many useful tips. Much appreciated!

Thank you for the LinkedIn seminars you put on. Yours is a high-value seminar that I have recommended to my wife, and I don’t do that
lightly because our time is very limited and there are a lot of career advancement seminars out there that, in my opinion, are not worth the time. I updated my profile and while I’m sure it’s not yet perfect, believe it is significantly better due to your advice.

Your ACC Chicago webinar series was one of the best I’ve ever attended and I’m enjoying your podcast as well! So glad our paths crossed.

Thank you very much for your helpful tips on using LinkedIn. You have inspired me to revise the About section of my profile and to add several dozen contacts. You have a great presentation style.

Chris is one of the most relaxed and prepared Webinar presenters that I have seen since starting my all webinar existence in March. 

Your 3 part series on Leveraging LinkedIn for the ACC Chicago chapter was fantastic. I have attended other LinkedIn seminars and yours was by far the most informative.