April 10, 2012 7:36 PM

The Careerist: Dewey Denies It’s The Source of Sex Story on Former Partner

Posted by Vivia Chen

What happens when a high-profile partner airs the dirty laundry about his former firm? Well, it’s likely that someone will dig up some dirt on him too.

That’s what appears to have happened to former Dewey LeBoeuf partner John Altorelli, who recently joined DLA. Last week, Altorelli gave a rather candid interview to The Am Law Daily’s Sara Randazzo. He did offer some kind words about his former firm, but that’s not what’s sticking. He’s more likely to be remembered for voicing doubts about Dewey’s survival: “I’m not sure how they can weather the departures.”

But here’s where things get even more interesting: The day after that interview, the New York Post ran a rather embarrassing story about Altorelli’s relationship with a hot Russian spy:

Before she was arrested and deported, Russian spy Anna Chapman was living with powerhouse New York lawyer John Altorelli, who told friends she gave him the “best sex� he ever had. . .

Obviously, this is a fun one. There’s sex—actually, make that “best sex”—plus all that 007 stuff.

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