March 26, 2012 2:17 PM

The Careerist: Oh No! French Women Better at Lawyering Too?

Posted by Vivia Chen

So much chatter about how European women—particularly the French—have it so much better. As everyone knows, they get generous maternity leaves, job security, and subsidized, high-quality child care. Not to mention they get to consume gobs of butter, cream, and cheese—without ever getting fat! Now, the word is out that French women are better parents too, raising impeccably adorable, polite children—or so says a new book, Bringing Up Bébé.

They’ve got societal support, savoir faire, and innate chic. So why shouldn’t French women be making greater strides in their careers too?

In fact, they’ve passed a notable milestone in the legal arena. According to The Lawyer, there are now more French women than men in the Paris bar. In fact, “over half of all female lawyers in Paris (52.7 per cent) are associates in large firms, compared to 31.4 per cent of men,” says The Lawyer, reporting on a recent study by the Paris bar.

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So women lawyers in France must be way ahead of their soeurs américaines, non?

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