March 15, 2012 4:41 PM

The Careerist: Titans’ Wrath & Columbia and NYU Strike Back at Critics

Posted by Vivia Chen

Two bigwigs of legal education—Columbia and NYU law schools—are not taking recent criticism about their graduates’ job prospects lying down.

Yesterday, I blogged about how both schools produced questionable job figures about their graduates, and asked whether any school’s placement record can be trusted. My piece was based on an article in the New York Post, which noted discrepancies in the number of big-firm jobs that the two schools claimed graduates landed and what was reported in The National Law Journal.

Both schools are speaking up. Essentially, they take issue with how the NLJ gathered its data and the way the Post wrote the article. Specifically, they argue that the NLJ‘s data was incomplete because some firms do not report their hiring to that publication.

But that’s where the similarity between the two schools ends. While Columbia’s response was fairly short and concise, NYU kind of went to town.

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