March 9, 2012 6:11 PM

The Careerist: Too Good for Big Law

Posted by Vivia Chen

Check out the first-year associates at your firm. Can you guess who will eventually make partner—those grads from the tippy-top law schools, or the ones from the local-yokel schools?

If you want to make a safe bet, eliminate those wunderkinds who went to the University of Chicago Law School. Instead, put your money on the hardworking stiffs from that other law school in Chicago—Loyola.

Believe it or not, that’s the way the numbers work out, according to William Henderson, a law professor at the University of Indiana. Using the job data from the The National Law Journal, Hendersen calculates that Loyola grads are six times more likely to make partner at a big firm than University of Chicago grads. . .

Think Chicago’s partnership stats are bad? They’re actually far better than those from Stanford Law School, where the new-hire-to-new-partner ratio for grads is 10.5! In other words, you’ll need to hatch almost a dozen Stanford grads just to get one partner.

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