We are committed to five core values that steers our decision making and safe guards our culture while aligning us with our goals. These values are shared with both our clients and candidates.


We value the daily embrace of transparency, honesty and humility. We believe this creates trust. We believe its the strongest way to lead. We believe when people are their true self, clients and colleagues are better served.


We value living outside the box. We challenge the status quo in everything we do. We are fully released to be as creative as possible. We value disruptive forces that solves problems and creates new value for the industry, clients and candidates.


We value the human element and the gift of everyday life. We value caring and listening over bottom line. We believe (in this life) we are known for how we treat people and our accomplishments will speak for themselves.


We value professionalism, integrity and confidentiality. And so we expect it from ourselves, our candidates and clients everyday. We believe laziness is anything less than excellence.


We value the gift of growing and sharing what we learn everyday. We practice this at the Lion Group and with our clients and candidates. We believe that if we do not share what we have received, it will atrophy and die with us. Thus we believe in the Third River.

These are our core values. Additional corporate culture values we practice: Others | Hungry | Rest | Fun | Mistakes | The X Factor |

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