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Considering a move?

According to the American Lawyer, between 1,800 and 2,500 law partners move to or from a law firm or client every year. You are living in unprecedented times in the legal industry.

At the Lion Group LLC, we understand the multifaceted lateral process for law partners and groups. We are committed to the success of every law partner we work with. There are many hurdles and pitfalls that one should be aware of. We walk every candidate through the lateral process and legal implications with our values providing reliable and professional assistance into the top law firms in the United States.

An Opportune Time

Right now is an opportune time to consider a stronger platform and more suitable footprint for your practice and clients.

Law Partners, whether you are ready to move now or simply curious, to begin the risk-free process of learning about making a lateral move fill out the form to the right and we will be with you shortly. 

We are committed to educating you and assisting you with one of the most important decisions you will make in your career.

Consider these important subjects:

  1. Important Questions Law Partners Should Ask Themselves

  2. Law Partner Departure Checklist

  3. The Anatomy of Law Partner Lateral Moves

  4. Master the Lateral Partner Questionnaire (LPQ)

  5. 8 Tips for Selecting and Working with the Right Recruiter


Our Approach

Introductions & Synergies

We eat, sleep and think new connections that accelerate our law partner candidate goals. It is our commitment to create opportunity for our law partner candidates.


It is our commitment to uphold the rigorous safe guarding of sensitive communication and information. We protect the identity of our law partner candidates in the search process until the opportune law firms are found.


It is our commitment to educate our law partner candidate in best practices of lateral moves to stronger platforms.


It is our commitment to serve our clients and law partner candidates with utmost professionalism, integrity and respect. We will operate fast and effectively until the search has been completed to satisfaction.

Added Value

We offer our 4 part LinkedIn Coaching curriculum free for our placed law partners.

The Third River

We believe in the Third River. We are committed to leading our business relationships to the prosperous source and most synergistic end. This parable is at the core of how we look a business, life and relationships. Read it for yourself and see which river you are on.


Our Experience

We place attorneys only and cover the United States but are more focused in the Midwest, the South and Northeast. We are very effective in uncovering top talent leadership and find it one of our competitive advantages. We have placed in both corporations and law firms.


Our Commitment to the Employer and the Law Partner Candidate

We are member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants and abide by the NALSC Code of Ethics.


Our Values

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Here’s a list of our values: Authenticity | Innovation | Relationship | Excellence | Generosity | The Third River


The New Normal

The Legal Industry has Two Camps: Half Empty & Half Full.

The Empty

  1. Law School enrollment down. Law School costs still high. Student debt even higher.
    Law grad unemployment is low.
  2. Law firm revenue is flat or declining. Law firms are demoting & de-equitzing partners while laying off associates or staff. Margins are shrinking and clients are demanding lower rates or going to more competitively priced firms.
  3. Clients are using new legal service providers; new competitors. Some LPOs are eating law firm’s lunches. Notable law firms are imploding or closing their doors.

The Full

  1. Innovation is driving law schools to produce a better lawyer. Some law firms are making the necessary changes in business models and leadership to remain nimble, innovative and prepared for continual change.
  2. Clients are looking for law firms and their leaders who are responding to the New Normal with enthusiasm, creativity & hope in the new economy.


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