We work with CEOs, general counsels and human resources to source top legal
talent to their corporate counsel team.

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Whether you are considering your first general counsel hire or have dozens of in-house attorneys, we will source the best of the market for your corporate legal safeguarding, transactional or compliance objectives.

When working with us, you will receive an engaged, proactive service. We will thoroughly understand the specific candidate requirements and opportunity along with your organization’s unique culture and mission.

We like a good challenge so the more complex the organization and the more unique the role the better.

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Our Approach

Introductions & Synergies

We eat, sleep and think new connections that accelerate our clients goals. It is our commitment to create opportunity for our clients.


It is our commitment to uphold the rigorous safe guarding of sensitive communication and information. We protect the identity of our clients in the search process until the opportune candidates are found.


It is our commitment to educate our client in best practices with acquiring top talent. It is our policy that no offer given will not be accepted.


Recruiters are messengers. It is our commitment to brand you as the employer to your future team in the best light. We will thoroughly understand you as the employer.


It is our commitment to serve our clients and candidates with utmost professionalism, integrity and respect. We will operate fast and effectively until the search has been completed to satisfaction.

Added Value

We offer a free LinkedIn Coaching webinar for the attorneys or executives of your organization who are interested in taking their LinkedIn experience to the next level (*for our retained clients).

The Third River

We believe in the Third River. We are committed to leading our business relationships to the prosperous source and most synergistic end. This parable is at the core of how we look a business, life and relationships. Read it for yourself and see which river you are on.

Our Experience

We place attorneys only and cover the United States but are more focused in the Midwest, the South and North East. We are very effective in uncovering top talent & leadership and find it one of our competitive advantages. We have placed in both corporations and law firms.

Our Commitment to the Employer and the Candidate

We are member of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants and abide by the NALSC Code of Ethics.

Our Fee Arrangement

Fixed fee

No one likes moving targets. Traditionally employers pay a percentage on the candidate’s first year compensation. We believe the extra and unnecessary cost to hiring the candidate is called the moving target. When attracting the candidate, employers should not have to worry about the incremental costs of creating an attractive offer.


Our clients sometimes prefer to pay the old fashion way (percentage of compensation). We are flexible and aim to create a win-win arrangement.


Depending on the assignment and/or client goal, we either recommend or consider such an arrangement. Our client’s top priorities are achieved when the three elements are present: 1) A unified purpose and focus 2) Primary decision makers are involved and 3) A financial commitment (i.e. skin in the game).


Our Values

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Here’s a list of our values: Authenticity | Innovation | Relationship | Excellence | Generosity | The Third River


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