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About Indianapolis, IN

Starting Associate Salary in
Indianapolis, IN ***
$70k - $100k
Indianapolis, IN Founded 1821
State Capital Indianapolis IN
City Fact about
Indianapolis, IN
The Racing Capital of the World
City Nickname
Indianapolis, IN
Crossroads of America
Top Industries
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN
# of NLJ 350 Attorneys
Indianapolis, IN
# of NLJ 350 Law Firms
Indianapolis, IN
Top three largest NLJ350 firms' offices by head count
Indianapolis, IN
Barnes & Thornburg
Ice Miller
Faegre Baker Daniels
Indianapolis, IN
Gregory A. Ballard
Notable People
Indianapolis, IN
Steve Bellamy
Scrapper Blackwell
Major Employers
Indianapolis, IN
Eli Lilly and Company
Marsh Supermarkets
Finish Line
City History
Indianapolis, IN
Native Americans who lived in the area originally included the Miami and Lenape (or Delaware) tribes, but they were displaced from the area by the early 1820s.
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis IN
City Wiki Page
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN's Wikipedia
City Web Site
Indianapolis, IN
Indianapolis, IN's Website

Top 100 US Law Schools in
Indianapolis, IN**

Ranked #98 Indiana University--Indianapolis

Top 100 Law Firms in
Indianapolis, IN*

Ranked #94
PPP $700k
Faegre Baker Daniels
Ranked #97
PPP $540k
Jackson Lewis
Ranked #98
PPP $535k
Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart
Ranked #100
PPP $485k
Littler Mendelson
Ranked #100
PPP $485k
Littler Mendelson

Top 200 Law Firms in
Indianapolis, IN*

Ranked #45
PPP $685k
Barnes & Thornburg
Ranked #52
PPP $6855k
Ice Miller
Ranked #95
PPP $415k
Frost Brown Todd

Indianapolis, IN… Where We Find the LionsSM

In the wake of global economic changes, Employers both Companies and Law firms rely on the Lion Group, a national legal recruiting firm, to recruit attorneys for their strategic and growth requirements. Attorneys meaning In-House counsel, government attorneys, law firm partners and associates. Companies rely on us for general counsels and deputy general counsel positions. Law firms rely on us for strategic law partner recruiting, partner groups placements, new office development for law firms and law firm merger and acquisition services. We love the legal industry. And serve company executives and law firm executives in the placement of lawyers and strategic growth initiatives in the United States.

Legal recruiting is our forte. At law schools, companies and law firms locally here in Indianapolis, IN lawyers call us head hunters while others calls us legal recruiters or legal search consultants, either way we get the job done and our clients are happy with strategic lawyer placements in Indianapolis, IN law firms or companies or in another city of their choice.

Save Time & Money

We save our clients time and money and to learn more Click to receive “3 Ways Employers Waste their Time and Lose Money with Recruiters?”

Ask These Questions

In Indianapolis, IN, are you finding yourself asking these questions?

  • Have you dealt with a Legal Recruiter before and do you know How the Process Works?
  • Is your Company in a pinch and need to hire a Strategic Attorney to your Team now?
  • Are you reviewing Budget this year and want to Expand Your Talent Pool & Bottom Line?
  • Does your office need an Infusion of Talent and Leadership?
  • Would your Client give you More Business if you got the right Lawyer?
  • Did your Company just Expand and you need another General Counsel or Deputy?
  • Or did your Company get Acquired and you need a new level of InHouse Attorney leadership and experience?
  • Is your Law Firm considering a Merger or Acquisition for expansion and need game changing Introductions?
  • Did your last Recruiter offer a weak or no Guarantee for their work?
  • Were you left wanting with your last Recruiting experience and the Candidates presented?

At the Lion Group and in Indianapolis, IN, we understand the myriad of law employment details for InHouse counsel, law associates, partners, groups & entire firms.

Consider our clients, the NLJ350 & Fortune Companies, and why they have chosen us in Indianapolis, IN:

Introductions & Synergies

We create opportunity for our clients. We eat, sleep and think new connections that accelerate our clients goals.


It is our commitment to serve our clients and candidates with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and respect. We will serve relentlessly until the search has been completed to satisfaction.

Value Added

We are not simply legal recruiters. We think like Marketers. We innovate like Entrepreneurs. We connect like Investment Bankers. We counsel like Presidential Advisors.


We commit to a rigorous safe guarding of sensitive communications and information. We understand the delicate steps in the lateral process.

Market Intelligence

We are forever students of the law industry. We know what is going on and are sought for information locally here at Indianapolis, IN.

Save Time & Money

Its worth repeating. We save our clients time and money and to learn more Click to receive “3 Ways Employers Waste their Time and Lose Money with Recruiters?”

Your Connector & Legal Recruiting Solution

Indianapolis IN: A Beautiful Opportunity to Embrace Arts and Sports

Indianapolis IN – a beautiful place to stay while visiting the State of Indiana! This city is well known for its commitment to strengthen its reputation towards different sports activities. After participating and hosting numerous major sporting events, such as the Pan American Games in 1987, the NCAA Basketball Tournament and the United States Grand Prix, Indianapolis IN had gained its current titles, both, as the Amateur Sports Capital of the World and as the Racing Capital of the World. With their dedication to sustain this kind of reputation, the government itself encourages its people, including its tourists, to participate in their different sports activities especially to their annual Indianapolis 500. Here in Indianapolis IN, you get enough opportunities to witness different professional and amateur sporting and athletic events and, at the same time, visit different sports museum.

The city, Indianapolis IN, is also known for its Cultural Trail which listed a total distance of eight miles costing the state $63 million for it to be fully functional. The said trail is designed with no official starting and end point where trailblazers are invited to enjoy the journey eliminating the concerns of where to start and where to end. The beauty of Indianapolis can be seen and experienced while journeying in this cultural trail. Aside from the sporting title which Indianapolis had possessed, it is also known to be rich with beautiful art pieces surrounding the trail. As to date, there are nine public art pieces you can enjoy as you move along. You, too, will get the chance of understanding the art piece and get to know more about the life and inspiration of its artist through the help of the plaque assigned to each.

Indianapolis IN’s rich culture and artistic perspective can be seen even to its bus stops. Their seven artistically designed bus stops are encrypted with poems written by their local talents and are designed by a local architect named Donna Sink. The government of Indianapolis make sure that their local talents will be showcased even in their very own streets to motivate them to do more and excel in their field. The Eiteljorg Museum of American Indians and Western Art is also an avenue showcasing the rich cultural background of the city wherein high quality collections are found inside, including a T.C. Cannon, N.C. Wyeth, Andy Warhol, etc., making it known as one of the world’s best museums. In fact, its contemporary Native Art collection is well known to be the world’s best.

Indianapolis is also a great choice for people who love to shop while enjoying every bits of the place. The city is famous for its Fountain Square which is one the destination of their Cultural Trail mentioned beforehand. This place is located Southeast of the City’s downtown offering vintage and antique items to add on your collection. Being a part of the trail, Fountain Square is also a display of vibrant arts scene and lively music preventing you from boredom. Here, also, you can have a wide options of restaurants to choose from depending on the budget you allocated for your meal. Therefore, never miss the opportunity to visit Indianapolis IN and see for yourself the beauty of the capital city of Indiana State.

*The law firm rankings are based on the 2013 AML 100&200 by Profits Per Partner.
**The top law school rankings are based on the 2013 U.S. News Best Law School ranking.
*^The top ATL law school rankings are based on 2013 Above the Law rankings.
***Salaries are based on a range of small to large law firms that were found for this city.
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